State of Euphoria

by J.E. Burton



released October 24, 2016

Composer/Arranger/Vocalist: J.E. Burton


all rights reserved



J.E. Burton Los Angeles, California

Influenced by Yoshida Tatsuo & Patrick Doyle- as a sound designer I apply a strong foundation in music theory, color theory, cinema, contemporary songwriting & vocal production from working pros to create works that match your project- in video games, indies, commercials, & sound design.

Sacramento City College:
MUFHL 400-410
MUSM 320
MUIVI 145-146

Pro Tools
Sony Vegas
Sound Forge
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Track Name: State Of Euphoria
Slowly you lead me where I'd be
Lost was I until you came my way
Slowly you lead me where I'm free
Track Name: Summerstorm
Nothing makes much sense/Victim of circumstance
memories rage within/pent-up emotions cycle through and through/
fantasy, reality/and darkness masquerades as the brightest star/
and you know just how it goes/this winding road is worn/
it's time that you and I arose to say goodbye/ to the old ways for the new

in the summerstorm where you can be sure
no matter where you go, I'll be with you as you're with me

Charybdean, Caribbean and everything in between
come with me wherever it be/ Syrtean sands or lost at sea/
oracles, they make you believe what's inside is what you see
idle threats are all, let them be/ stay inside the storm x2 /
no matter where you go
Track Name: Time 4 Love [Preview]
Lyrics/Rap/Vocals: J.E. Burton
Track Name: Western Anime Intro
Loook! It was written in the stars long ago/
Our day to shine to come/Now its all but gone/ripples in a crystal pool of the way we used to be/green meadows tumbling down/and we lost our way/

Mount Olympus has shaken/taken us down to you/what are we gonna do?/
(Its out of our control/)
Our beloved Zeus in his stead an angry queen to reign/with an edict who would dare/oppose without a care/forced to wander this land/as spirits against our will/with only our godly (sostenuto) gifts~As if!

Kalliope: inspire human goals/
Kleio: but that's just what we always did/
Erato: a-gainst our control/
Euterpe: Whats she think, that we're her kids?
Polyhymnia: Who's seen Terpsikhore?
Ourania: Hera thinks shes Pallas-like clever/
Thalia: How many souls again?/

As spirits in human hosts
we lead souls with purpose in hopes/
until we are, until we are just where we ought to be/
we first must learn to love/just where we are (3)